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Jessica Stewart | Highgate, London

Jessie is renowned for her clear and down to earth teaching style and in depth knowledge of anatomy, neuroscience and the traditions and history of yoga. 

Yoga works on the physical body, building strength, tone and flexibility; and the mind through breath-work, meditation and developing insight.

Jessie teaches vinyasa and yin yoga, mindfulness online here and at Triyoga and Yogaloft studios. In a one to one setting she can incorporate pregnancy/postnatal yoga, hatha and injury rehab. JSY runs 2 yoga teaching programs/yr.

Yoga Schedule


08:30-09:30 - Pranyasa (Vinyasa and breathwork every week) book here at JSY **CANCELLED 27th JULY & 3 AUG


18:30-19:45 - Vinyasa (online) at yogaloftlondon.co.uk **CANCELLED 21st & 28th JULY


08:30-09:30 Pranyasa (Vinyasa and breathwork) book here at JSY

20:30-21:45 - Yin yoga at triyoga.co.uk


15:00-16:15 - Yin yoga (every week) at triyoga.co.uk **COVERED 16th & 23rd & 30th JULY


07:30-08:30 - Pranyasa (Vinyasa and breath-work) book here at JSY ** CANCELLED 17th, 24th & 31st JULY

12:30-13:45 - Vinyasa at yogaloftlondon.co.uk ** COVERED OVER AUGUST


17:30-18:45 - Vinyasa (every week) at triyoga.co.uk **COVERED 26th JULY & 2 AUG

19:30-20:45 - Yin yoga (every week) book here at JSY **CANCELLED 26th JULY & 2 AUG - replacement Yin class on Monday 27 & Monday 3rd 19:30-20:45 book on this website. 

Online classes