Jessica Stewart Yoga teacher training 

Jessica has been running highly reputed teacher training courses from for the last 5 years. There are two formats for her teacher training course.


Format 1: 10 weekends over 6 months at a private studio in Highgate, London from this year, co-led with Olivia Marley (next course starts October 2020)


Format 2: 35 x Friday afternoon's 12-17:00 (term-time) plus weekend retreat over 1 year (next course starts January 2021.


Both courses are led by a selection of highly experienced yoga teachers to create a transformative experience priding itself on excellence and depth of tuition and small group sizes.                                                                       


For the brochure of our 6 month course click below          |              For the brochure for our 1 year course click below

Many people start a YTTC with no intention to teach. This course has been designed to foster a deep understanding and love of yoga, whether you choose to go on to teach or not. If you do go on to teach this training delivers a non-dogmatic intelligent foundation with a clear teaching strategy to begin your teaching career with an authentic teaching voice. 

Our 200 hour YTTC will: 

  • build greater depth of understanding about, and immerse you in the advancement of, your own personal practice

  • coach you in clear, strong teaching skills for hatha and vinyasa yoga

  • explore in depth the anatomy, technique, philosophy and mindfulness that underlies an authentic yoga practice.

Below we have answered some of the questions we have been asked most often about this course. But if you have any other questions please send us a message and just ask!


This course is verified by Yoga Alliance International. On full completion of the course you will be eligible to register as a yoga teacher, should you want to, and apply for public liability insurance. You will then be ready to teach within the UK and internationally.

We ensure this course is kept to a carefully considered group size, where all students receive plenty of support and attention. The course is managed to ensure high-level tuition, lots of individual time with the course leaders, and a safe, supportive environment for self-development. We are very proud of the support, warmth and intimacy of our TTC community that distinguishes it from the very large YTTCs on offer in London.

Our course works through an inspirational method of classical and anatomically-aligned sequencing of hatha and vinyasa yoga. Our technical approach to postures and clear explanation of anatomy is met with deep exploration into the philosophy, energetics and mindfulness integral to the tradition of yoga.

Our training advocates a balanced ‘east meets west’ approach. It is non-dogmatic and respectful of other disciplines. This lays a non-biased foundation for understanding the world of yoga, and allows students to find their position within it. We aim to inspire a unique and powerful voice in each student, in both their own practice and any teaching they go on to offer.

The curriculum has been curated to balance up-to-date anatomy and alignment content, alongside a thorough understanding of the traditional roots of yoga that is rarely achieved in a 200 hour programme.


When we bring together a group of people that are ready to learn and passionate about the course content, the rate of learning is far more rapid and enables every person to thrive. We therefore want to make sure it truly is the right time for you to attend a teacher training so that you get as much from it as possible.

As a team we pride ourselves on supporting your practice and teaching skills, and want to ensure you get neither injured nor overwhelmed by the often intense process of a YTTC.  So we meet every potential student and observe their practice before accepting them on to the course. This ideally happens in person but given the current covid-19 pandemic, wea re currently teaching and meeting prospective students online. This is not about being extremely bendy or strong. We are looking for an intelligent, informed practice and open-minded, discerning attitude to learning. This also means each student can be assured they will be in a group of like-minded people who are eager and willing to learn.

As teachers, we value providing an authentic and close relationship with our students. Our programme intake is carefully managed to ensure high quality coaching and tuition, and a supported, motivated community of students. We insist on small group sizes to allow students to excel during the course, and for us to be able to continue to support them after graduation.


6 month format

This course runs over 10 weekends from October 2020- March 21 in Highgate, London.


  • Fridays 6-8pm

  • Saturday & Sunday 11:00am-6:00pm

  • 200 hours+ of YTT tuition


  • Advised self study - approx 2 hours per week

  • 3 public classes with course teachers per week (= 48 classes)

TOTAL: 280+ hours (far exceeding the requirements for a 200 hour training)


Alignment & posture break-down

Asana practice

Discussion on energetics or traditional aspect of yoga

Teaching practice

Breath-work & meditation

1 year format

35 x 5 hour sessions 12:00-17:00 during term times at Yogaloft, Beethoven Street, Queens Park. 

Plus one weekend retreat November.


JESSICA STEWART, course leader (E-RYT 700+)

Jessica leads experiential lectures and workshops on history, philosophy, energetics, anatomy, physiology, alignment, sequencing and teaching skills.

Jess is a teacher, mentor and writer at London's top studios. Her classes balance anatomical and alignment detail, with creative steady sequencing, tradition and philosophy. To practice online with Jessie click here

OLIVIA MARLEY, course leader (E-RYT 700, YACEP, FRCms)

Olivia leads the anatomy and physiology section of the course. She also teaches class sequencing, asana technique and alignment, teaching skills and the business of yoga.

Olivia's classes are down to earth, accessible, and fun. She blends a laser focus on technique and a constant drive to improve with warmth and humour. To practice online with Olivia click here


Christian has been a practicing osteopath in London for the last 7 brings his expertise and passion for anatomy and experience as a yoga teacher to the course at Yogaoft, building on the foundations on anatomy delivered by Olivia Marley. 

VICTORIA GROVES (voice coach)

Integrating her many years of experience as an actor and as yoga teacher, Victoria leads a workshop on voice and presence and mentors students in the art of commanding attention. She guides students in how to use their voice and body to educate, connect and deliver a class that carries students on a journey.




6 month format

  • 2-4 Oct 2020

  • 16-18 Oct

  • 30 Oct-1 Nov

  • 13-15 Nov

  • 27-29 Nov

  • 11-13 Dec

  • 22-24 Jan 2021

  • 5-7 Feb 2021

  • 19-21 Feb 2021

  • 5-7 March 2021



Can Do Health and Fitness

2-3 Broadbent Close


London N6 5JW


What time?

  • Fridays | 18:00-20:00

  • Saturdays & Sundays | 11-18:00


Click here to see our bright new venue on Google maps.

The dates for the 1 year ytt at Yogaloft dates are currently being updated and location can be seen here



Our training offers a unique and distinctive approach to practice, teaching, sequencing and self development. In addition to the course content delivered live with the lead teachers, and students receive access to comprehensive online resources for revision and further learning. Every student also receives a detailed training manual, with the entire course content, revision prompts, self-study and a self development workbook.

Course curriculum


Anatomy & physiology:

  • Principles of applied yoga anatomy

  • Feet & legs

  • Hips & pelvis

  • Spine

  • Shoulders, arms and neck

  • Nervous system

  • Respiratory system


Physical practice:

  • Asana (alignment break-down)

  • Pranayama (practice and theory of breath work)

  • Meditation (exploration and practice of selected models of meditation)

  • Kriya (practice and theory of cleansing practices)

Students are encouraged to make feedback notes on public classes attended throughout the training.


History & philosophy:

  • Timeline on the development of yoga

  • Philosophical schools and principles that shape yoga

  • Modalities and influential figures of modern yoga


Teaching skills:

  • Teaching principles

  • Working with beginners

  • Sequencing for level 1-2 classes (hatha and vinyasa)

  • Voice work

  • Embodying confidence and authenticity

  • A modern approach to assists and adjustments

  • Teaching hot yoga (NB. none of the course is taught in a hot room)

  • Business of yoga and thriving as a teacher


Yoga energetics:

  • Prana

  • Pancha kosha

  • Kundalini

  • Chakras

  • Nadis

  • Bandhas

  • Yoga mind & kleshas

  • Yoga nidra


“Jess is energetic and passionate, with high expectations and even higher levels of compassion.”

— NSS, TT student 2018/19



Class assistant scheme

Graduates can apply to assist/ observe the course teachers during their public classes, subject to individual studio policy.

Annual graduate day retreat

Every year we run a teachers' day retreat in London to provide ongoing support and nurture our yoga teaching community. Throughout the day we consider teaching skills, discuss new research and current concerns for teachers, provide mentoring assistance receive feedback. The day is topped off with a restorative, compassion-boosting yoga practice and meditation.

YTTC assistant scheme

Following graduation, you can apply to assist on upcoming trainings. This allows you to revisit updated lecture material and cosolidate your understanding. In exchange we ask that you assist the course leaders, organise social events for the students and be a supportive and inspirational role model for the next generation of graduates.

Yoga Roots - yoga in the community

Jessica has founded a social branch to the training, to enable new teachers to get experience teaching and share their love of yoga with people across society with limited access to classes. The Yoga Roots project is building links with homeless shelters, community groups and schools across London so that graduates can both practice teaching and offer something back to members of our community. We run a day-long intensive training annually for those that would like to get involved.

Olivia observing students practising teaching each other in a small group


  • STEP 1: please let us know you wish to apply for this yoga training by sending us a message here. You will hear back from Jena, our admin assistant.

  • STEP 2: book into a class with Jessica Stewart or Olivia Marley to have a chat with one of our course leaders and for your practice to be observed (please make sure you let Jess or Olivia know at the beginning of class that you are there to be observed!).

    • Olivia’s teaching schedule can be found here

    • Jessica’s teaching schedule can be found here.

  • STEP 3: following class, you will be notified of your acceptance on the course. You can then book your place online (see below) and ask Jena to send you our contract, reading list and pre-training content. 

    • To book online: click the green button below to be taken to our online booking system. Click ‘sign up now’ next this training and you’ll be asked to login or create an online account (takes about 30 seconds!). Click ‘make single reservation’ and then select to put down your deposit. You can pay by Visa or Mastercard. Your remaining balance is due via bank transfer by 6 September 2021 (if you’d like to split your remaining balance into instalments just let us know!).

  • STEP 4: your place is confirmed once you have signed and returned the contract and paid your deposit (see below). The remaining balance is due by bank transfer before 6 September.






To see the cost of the 1 year training at Yogaloft, which includes the weekend retreat, click here.

The cost of the 6 month course is £2900, which includes a non-refundable deposit of £500 to hold your place. You can pay in full, or spread the total cost over 4 instalments of:

  • £500 deposit

  • 3 x £800 instalments.


Your deposit can be paid online, and any subsequent payments are due by bank transfer. Once you have booked we will send you our bank details.

Early bird discount 

If you pay in full before May 31st 2019 you are eligible for a discount of £150 (making the total cost £2750). 


In this video watch two of our current trainees answer these questions:

- What are you enjoying most about the course?

- Is there anything that surprised you about it, that you weren't expecting when you booked on?

- How are finding the workload outside the training weekends; how many hours are you spending on the course per week?

- Is there anything that you wish you'd known before you booked?

- Are there any other nuggets of information you'd like to pass on to potential future trainees?

They also talk about never feeling quite ready to start the course, and about the value of going to one of our pre course information evenings.  





'The perfect balance of modern anatomy, philosophy and teaching practice. I couldn't ask for more. Thank you so much Jessica! And thanks Olivia for teaching me stuff that I never in a million years thought I could learn (I really should have paid more attention in Biology!). And for your support and encouragement. Much love' ~ JW

'Olivia was an amazing anatomy YTTC teacher. Not only is her teaching down-to-earth and non-dogmatic, it is also just fun and interactive. Each hour of theory was followed by a practice which put into a real life context what we had just studied. I was worried I would have to learn by heart thousands of Latin names, instead I was left with a clear understanding of how and why the different body parts are shaped the way they are, how they interact with the rest of the body and how they might differ from one person to the next. It really informed the way I am looking at and adjusting poses on different students now' ~ MG


'Jess and the team delivered the course with expertise and rigour, but also humility and humour. They did not seek to create clones of their (brilliant) selves - rather, they equipped us with the tools to build our own honest, and authentic, teaching practice - in whatever form that might take.' ~NSS


'I enjoyed such an amazing course. The knowledge, warmth and compassion made all the difference, as did the intimacy and size of the group. I would highly recommend this course.' ~DM


'This training fosters an incredible journey of self growth and awareness, and will set you up to be an excellent teacher. Two weeks after graduation I was able to teach a public class described by one student as "the clearest instruction she had ever received" in a yoga class.' ~JT


'Thank you for your chilled, real, funny, warm approach to everything' ~KG


Of course! Click here to send us any questions and we’ll get back to you ASAP. No question too small - we’re happy to help!

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