Being able to come to studio and practice is a privilege. Often the people that need yoga the most cannot or do not feel comfortable coming to yoga studios.


This project, Yoga Roots, was born of the collective despair at seeing more and more people become homeless in London, and watching statistics soaring of adolescent mental health problems. 

I have teamed up with the YMCA in Crouch End, and joined forces with an amazing team of yoga teachers, many of whom graduated from the Centric TTC, to offer 3 womens'-only yoga classes and 1 men's only yoga class at the YMCA homeless shelter for young adults in Crouch End. 

We run monthly wellbeing days, offering yoga, relaxation and stress reduction classes, as well as healthy eating, craft and beauty/pampering.

If you have any donations of yoga clothes, cosmetics or 'treats' to add to the goody bags we give out on the wellbeing days this really helps to make these amazing, profoundly resilient and passionate young people feel supported and inspired again.