Finding the missing peace in your practice

Would you like to create more space, stillness and peace in your yoga practice and life?

Jon Kabat Zin offers a great definition of Meditation as 'the art of paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment.'

Notably meditation is not about 'not thinking'. It is the art of not identifying with thought, emotion, sensation. Meditation encourages you to identify with, or 'getting to know', the 'witness' aspect of your psyche or soul. This witness within you, is in a state of pure observation, and remains unaffected and unchanged by all events in life.


It's important to have a sense of where you are going in meditation. You are going inwards. You are moving beyond the superficial layer of thought, emotion and sensation to connect to the part of you the watches and observes these changes states. You are withdrawing from the body's surface to discover at your core, a vast reservoir of energy, space and stillness. The Daoist's call this the Dao, 'the tranquility that lies at the centre of all things.'

Evangelical, yes, but meditation has profoundly changed my life and my ability to deal with discomfort. M