How to choose your first yoga TTC

'The light of yoga, once lit, is never dim.' ~ BKS Iyengar

You could say I was somewhat of a yoga training junkie. I have done courses and read avidly for the last 15 years about: the lineage of yoga, the philosophy, meditation and energetics; the incredible science of the human body and mind and how to look after it in yoga; deepening and challenging my asana practice; self enquiry; professional and teaching skills. As a full time teacher for years now, being a student for a period of time each year is nothing but complete pleasure. I entirely owe the success of my teaching career to many varied teachers who i have had the privilege of studying under.

Choosing your very first teacher training however, feels like a huge decision. It seems and for many people is a massive amount of money. I saved up for 2 years for my first one, so I relate to the hugeness of this, but remember with a good training, you are receiving the opportunity for a new profession, new revenue stream and lifestyle. Don't scrimp!

Having now studied under many varied teachers I feel very secure in my ability to listen openly to what my teacher at that moment is offering, and that I learn from it whether I agree or don't agree or have no opinion. That first teacher training you do, you want to feel that you agree with your teacher on everything, and feel conflicted if you don't. As a seasoned student and as a teacher training leader, know that its totally OK and in fact a huge part of your self development to be able to listen openly and critically discern content that is being shared and take a unique position on a subject without needing to shut down or diminish your teacher or any co-students' point of view. A 200 hour training should be comprehensive, balanced and a springboard for your teaching and practice... as well as being the beginning of an unending journey of study and discovery.

So how do I choose a training?