Early pregnancy

This is for pregnant women in the first trimester of pregnancy. From the moment you stare at the thin blue line there is a fundamental shift into the unknown. From that moment you begin to meet yourself in new form, as a mother, as protector of this tiny spark growing inside of you.

The first few months of pregnancy is one of the most phenomenal transitions you will go through as a woman; and often it is a time when you feel pretty terrible, and despite the need to talk it through, many keep it a secret until the first scan. Most women will be advised to not join yoga classes or begin pregnancy yoga until after the first three months – when it may feel you most need it!

According to Ayurveda, it is after the first trimester that the soul (purusha) of the baby incarnates. So until baby has fully committed to being here, your task is to rest, be open and receptive to the change that is coming into your life, and primarily find as much balance, grounding and nourishment you can.

Earthing and Nourishing:

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the body is read as a microcosm of the five elements, health arising from the balance of all five. Earth reflects the qualities of the mother, the ability to ground, to nourish and to protect. The meridians of Earth are the stomach and spleen. These energy lines run through the centre of the belly where your baby is growing, and govern your ability to get nourishment and chi (energy) from food. The more energy you can generate and contain within, the more jing chi you are passing onto your baby. If you experience tiredness and nausea from the influx of hormones, then nurturing the earth element will really help anchor you into yourself as a newly pregnant mother.

Creativity & Journaling: