Yoga for Healthy Sinuses

I was asked specifically about sinus issues and yoga in class this week, so I have developed a little sinus-protection sequence, which can be practiced along with the use of a neti pot and a healthy diet to help prevent the inflammation of the four main hollow spaces underneath the facial bones, which lead to the nose cavity, and can cause a lot of pain in the head, neck, nose, cheek and ear area. Dark evenings pulling in and colder weather over Winter is an invitation for us to boost our immune systems and support the 'wet, cold' feeling of our bodies with balancing warmth and dryness.

Yoga as a holistic system offers preventative healthcare tools to upkeep and support the body and mind.


I would recommend everyone, but especially those with sinus issues, to buy a neti pot – go to for more info.

ASANA practice

As ever, keep moving and breathing with the body – stimulating the glands to do their work, and to keep cleansing and renewing the vital organs with movement and prana (breath work). Inversions are particularly helpful for clearing sinuses, so here is a little home asana routine to gently work through in a warm, gently lit room.

Easy Ten Minute Daily Practice

Whilst holding these poses, focus on a steady, soft and natural breath; finding comfort/good space (sukha) in the body as well as stability (sthira). This is a yin/restorative approach to yoga so you needn’t push your body to stretch muscles or build strength – simply be present and comfortable as you hold these asana. If you have never practiced asana before I recommend that you go to a certified yoga teacher and be guided and corrected in these in a class or private tutorial before you practice at home alone.

  • Balasana (childs pose) breathe for 2-3 minutes

  • Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog) 2-3 minutes

Walk feet towards hands