Looking for private yoga tuition in Highgate?

Interested in one to one yoga, breath-work and meditation in Highgate, London?


Want to improve your yoga practice? Want to learn about breath-work, meditation, mindfulness? Looking for mentorship with your physical and mental health and in developing a bespoke wellbeing program?


I have 12 years of experience in the industry and can offer a multi-disciplinary approach, having trained under several styles of yoga from zen meditation, to mindfulness-based-stress-reduction, ashtanga, anatomy for yoga, yoga for injury rehab, yoga for pregnancy, yoga for postnatal, yin yoga, hatha yoga, alignment-based vinyasa yoga and breath-work. Receiving one to one tuition is the best approach to finesse and accelerate your practice. I believe one to one tuition is all about connection, inspiration and motivation. Connect with me here describing your goals and availability and we can look at building you a practice structure and prgram that's perfect for you. 

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How do we run sessions? 

I am currently running PT sessions on zoom which is proving to be really effective. From April 2021 onwards I will be offering private yoga tuition live from my studio, state, in Highgate. 

A one-off yoga session costs £70 online, which is reduced to £65 if 5 or more sessions are booked together. All sessions must be paid for in advance and can be rescheduled with 48 hours notice, but not cancelled. If you are attending my online classes, I am offering a further discount of £80/week for one private session and 2 online classes. 

Please fill out the consultation survey below and email me here to enquire about availability. I will get back to you to arrange a time and payment structure that works for you. 


Breath-work and Mindfulness

A practice that extends the enhanced states of meditation to every day interactions: positively impacting self-esteem, concentration, compassion, resilience, relationships, work-place stress, health and well-being issues. I have trained with Jon Kabat Zinn in Mindfulness-Based-stress-reduction and offer mindfulness, breath-work and wellbeing mentorship to the corporate sector and individuals. 

Hatha yoga

A strong steady practice of a continual chain of simple to powerful postures held for longer to build strength and resilience in the body. The focus of hatha yoga is on balancing the body physically and mentally, through traditional meditations, breath techniques, kriyas, cleansing practices, and philosophical- energetic themes. Open to all levels, more space and time can be given here  to accommodate those new to practice and with injuries. 

Vinyasa yoga

Having studied for advanced certification with Tiffany Cruikshank's YOGA MEDICINE technique, Jason Crandell's alignment-based vinyasa - I offer a logically sequenced, yet revitalising practice that connects flowing yoga asana movements with breath. My vinyasa classes break down the strength and flexibility required to make steps towards postures in a way where students learn more about their body as they strengthen and stretch it. I fuse together anatomical and philosophical themes, so breath-based mindfulness and insight is woven throughout.  

Yin yoga

A candlelit deeply restorative practice, where floor-based yoga poses are held for an average of 3 minutes, enabling you to release postural tension and connect to the art of mindfulness and meditative states. This involves a passive release technique of opening the body gently and slowly without force or heat, working carefully into joint spaces and deeper tissue in the body. 

Yoga for injury rehab / Pregnany / Post natal yoga

I have taken advanced 'yoga for anatomy' trainings in injury prevention, management, pregnancy and post natal yoga. Whilst I would encourage you seek private tuition for this, you're welcome to come to group classes and speak with me about whether the class is suitable and how/if you could modify. 

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