Increased productivity, efficiency, a sense of purpose and happiness levels are irrefutably increased by implementing a mindfulness programme into your wellness strategy. 

We are often too familiar with the prevalence of stress-related health problems, insomnia, anxiety disorders, depression and stress-related weight issues.


Mindfulness offers a curative and preventative self-led treatment so that individuals and teams can foster a stress-hardy mindset, and be more attuned to the needs of their health and wellbeing and how to reset their body and nervous system. 

Mindfulness strategies at work are a scientifically backed method of enabling individuals to thrive in high stress environments, and to prevent the all too common health problems connected to chronic stress.


I am the Mindfulness Expert at the UK's top investment banks, and have worked within the education sector, start-ups, journalism and NGOs. 

I offer bespoke programmes on mindfulness integration: most frequently implementing:


1.  A series of lectures to suit the criteria and stresses that are specific to the company

2. Providing or overseeing and training for the provision of on-site yoga and meditation classes. 

3. Providing audio or visually recorded videos and mindfulness sessions for employees to use as they need.

I have been teaching and lecturing in mindfulness for the last 10 years. I trained with Jon Kabat-Zinn's in 2007 in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction). I run corporate retreats, mindfulness trainings and 1to1 sessions in London and internationally. 

If you would like to discuss introducing a mindfulness programme to your workplace, please contact me:

Mindfulness Portfolio 

CORPORATE MINDFULNESS EXPERT in the financial, education and NGO sector


- Lectures

- Classes and workshops

- Stress-management/Resiliencec clinics

- Inhouse Podcasts

- In-house tutorial videos

- Corporate day retreats


Available on spotify: to be released October 2019