Inspiration for selfstudy

8 themes to inspire each TTC weekend and explore what it means to be a yogi and teach yoga

6 days ago

' Tat tvam asi '; ' you are that.' ~ Chandogya Upanishad. Whether you signed up for it or not, yoga inevitably leads us all to a place of self enquiry: how am I and who am I? The meditational and
Jun 19

Thinking about going on a yoga retreat but have a tight budget? No problem! There are thousands of people out there in the same shoes. To deal with such problems, many retreat organizers around the
Nov 8, 2018

"Prana is not just breath but the energy. And breathing is the process by which you apply that energy to find out how deep that energy penetrates and percolates." ~ Geeta Iyengar As hatha and tantric
Oct 11, 2018

At the heart of the practice of yoga, is the cultivation of awareness. Awareness can be a felt experience, and connected to through the causal or energetic body. Awareness can be gained through the
Oct 22

Hmm so here's the juggernaut. Confidence is required to practice, and furthermore, to teach. There is no one, not even when you have a history of performance and public speaking who is not confronted
Dec 6, 2018

Hmmmm... so this is the word we will do all manor of body contortions to avoid, right?! Or NOT... for this is the aspect of practice that enables it to be transformative. This is the word that unc
Oct 22, 2018

There is a bridge between intellectual theory and practice, and this bridge is embodiment. Some people are more of the practical bent, and love the 'doing' of practice... we all to some extent fall in
Sep 26, 2018

In my book, it is when we start to look at yoga as an exploration of relationships , that we really begin knuckling down to a true yoga practice. As a yoga teacher, me taking ownership of how I relat