Aug 14, 2018

While you wait...


Edited: Aug 14, 2018

While I get exited reviewing our curriculum, the manual and chatting to the amazing guest teachers I’m honoured to work with - I was thinking of you Pre-training students. How are you feeling? I remember a lot of nerves and excitement... 


1. Come as you are - open, up for a new chapter, some laughter and sweat... maybe some tears. You don’t need to be anything other than your wonderful multi faceted perfectly imperfect self... just like us teachers ;)


2. Practice: more important than the reading lists get your bum on your mat! 10 mins meditation and min 3 x weekly practice at studio - we will get you going with self practice on the training 


3. Saying hi: we have a pre TTC dinner out: put TUES 18th DEC 8pm in your diaries for a cheap local veggie meal out. I’ll post here when we have a venue.

Feb 26Edited: Feb 26

Thanks. I feel I am totally different since I do the yoga course. Now, I start to do it at home and keep practicing on the training. It's so good to get my bum on your yoga exercise mat to do the meditation and yoga. looking for the yoga mat, to get a yoga mat is your good start.

Nov 14

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