Yinatomy: revitalise your spine

Tri Yoga Shoreditch

Fri 20th Sept 19:30-21:30

Our spine forms the centre of our yoga practice: anatomically, physiologically and energetically.  In this two hour workshop, we will look at how to unblock tension in the spine from several schools of thought. 

What is this workshop about? 

The workshop will divide into one third lecture and discussion, and two thirds practice. The practice will include TPR (trigger point release) work, Yin yoga, yoga conditioning and vinyasa yoga plus foundational breath-work. 

What will I gain from this workshop? 

You'll look at healing and preventing back pain. You will also look at the spine from an energetic and neurological perspective. You will receive a take-home practice for maintaining spinal and energetic health through yoga.


Who is this for?

This workshop is suitable for all, from beginners to advanced practitioners and teachers. If you have a significant spinal injury or condition, or if you are pregnant, please email Jessica in advance so we can ensure you have a safe sequence. Please bring Yoga tune-up balls with you if you have them. If not, tennis balls will be provided.  

£25 Early-bird price until 30th June


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finding your authentic breath




Recent research has revolutionized how we understand our vital capacity to breathe. 

Over-breathing is linked to increased stress levels, fatigue and compromises athletic performance. 

The tradition of yoga as endorsed the critical benefits of breathing gently, deeply and learning to suspend the urge for rapid breathing for hundreds of years. 

In this workshop, Jessica will touch on totally new material, exploring the latest research on breath physiology. The first steps towards optimum breathing will be taught. Then breath will be integrated into an entirely breath-focused vinyasa flow practice and close with deeply restorative meditation.


Whether you consciously struggle with your breath or whether you would like to integrate truly good breathing technique into your existing yoga practice, this workshop will change your relationship to your breath and give you the key to increased levels of radiance and calm. 

Bookable in August 2019


Vinyasa Yoga: The flowing of yoga asana together with breath.

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